Model 200 – Guest House, Office, Sleep-out, Cabin …


A perfect guest house, office, sleep-out, or cabin. This compact, cosy cottage can be produced with a minimal build time and the size makes it easy to transport just about anywhere. The 200 can be shifted and reused for other purposes as your needs change. A great alternative to building an extra bedroom.


  • One bedroom Studio
  • Available with or without ensuite
  • Coved ceiling

Popular Options

  • 1880 style chimney chase
  • Interior wood paneling to chair rail height
  • Timber flooring (installed over our standard ply subfloor for added strength and structural integrity

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Model 200

Area: 20.16 square metres
Deck: 7.44 square metres
Total: 27.6 square metres

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Model 200

Model 200 – Studio


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