Ready to build: Kitset Cottages, Homestays, Offices …

Kitset Builders’ Packs

  • Available for all popular 1880 designs
  • FREE SHIPPING anywhere in New Zealand (to nearest suitable access for a two-wheel drive truck)
  • Includes builder’s manual and plans licensed for one-time use.

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What We Do …

We supply all materials and information to allow you/ your builder to complete your new home. We supply subfloor and flooring (less piles) frames & trusses, roofing iron, exterior cladding, double-glazed windows, insulation (to zone standards) interior linings, internal floors, and finishing timber such as architraves, scotias and skirting.

Before you start to build we will have supplied you with all documentation for permit application (less site and drainage plans) including a full set of plans for a single use, H-1 thermal report, producer statements and materials list. We assist any way possible to speed up the permit process with your local authority.

What We Do Not Do …

We do not supply electrical wiring or fittings, nor behind the wall plumbing or fashion ware (taps, bath, shower, etc.) We do not supply paint or gib stopping materials, kitchen joinery or bathroom vanities.

However, We Do …

Allow you to make your own decisions regarding electrical, plumbing and joinery. We know you have a better idea of your requirements and budget than we do. To this end, we will arrange cash discounts at our favoured suppliers. This not only allows you to choose what you want, but to get those items without a builder margin or retail mark up. This applies to plumbing fashion ware, hot water heater, taps, paint, appliances and electrical fittings. If we don’t supply it, we will help you get the best price through our specified suppliers.

Kitset Home Models

Currently 1880 Cottage Co Ltd offers the models outlined below.

Click on the model name to view standard details including floor plans, elevations, etc.

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